Friday, January 19, 2018

Introducing Theodore Crosby

Performing Artist Theodore Crosby

Creating a Unique, Powerful Persona by Intertwining His Commanding Talents in Film and Television Performing, Voice-Over, and Visual Art with His Music

Theodore Crosby is a genuine multi-talented artist. An actor and voice-over talent with multiple television and film credits, musician, and a gifted visual artist as well!

"From an early age I have always been into the arts. Whilst my friends were kicking a ball or playing rugby, I tended to escape into the art rooms at my school. First, I got into architectural art and would draw buildings and cityscapes everywhere I went. Then I got into music and started learning the piano and guitar. Later, in college I got into media studies and photography. Finally, once I reached university level I got into film-making, writing, and acting." 

Theo Wrote and Starred in Perceptions
"Although I maintain a keen interest in all these areas, it is acting that I best identify with and want to pursue at this stage in my life. I truly believe in the future I could bring all these areas of interest together as a film director."

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Theodore has worked in Los Angeles, but is currently working in London. His goal is to work in both cities.

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He has trained for both film and theatre performing, in classic and contemporary styles. He adds: “I was in a theatre production in Los Angeles for the Fringe Festival, a performance called Chaturbate: The Musical. I very much enjoyed working with the director who always enjoys testing boundaries.

I thoroughly enjoy constantly keeping all different creative avenues open,” says Theodore, “whether that be in Acting, Music, Art, or Filmmaking, I have a place in all of those forms of creative expression, and my work in each individual area seems to improve the overall quality of all of my work. Music provides me with the opportunity to both create songs, then apply my artistic and filmmaking skills to videos.”

Most recently he was in a horror short film Research, produced by Silver Spectrum, which is now being submitted to festivals, and competing for awards.

Theo's Newest Song: Losing My Mind
Theo will soon be releasing two more songs: Better Day and Wanna Nanna Know

"I have many interests and music is one of my strongest expressions. I enjoy thoroughly exploring different genres within music and spent most of my childhood sitting at a piano writing and singing songs." 

Theo's Mixtape
"My mixtape is a way of expressing a side of music that people wouldn’t have associated with my persona. It was a bit out of the blue and actually came as a surprise to myself, and those around me. That being said, it has helped develop me further as an artist and has created a blend of different sounds that I’m happy to include in my collection."

He has even started a production company with his partner called F*** The Fads. To begin with they are developing short sketches and internet posts, with an eye towards transitioning into short films and features.

He is inspired by some well accomplished British actors like John Cleese of Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, and A Fish Called Wanda, which is one of Theodore's favorites, along with Children of Men. He is also appreciates the work of Michael Caine, Ian McKellen and Idris Elba.

Theodore Crosby is receiving increasing recognition in several related creative fields. His acting performances command his audiences' attention, his voice-over work is impressive, his music and music videos are reaching an expanding following, and his visual art is yet another example of his creative expression.

We will soon be hearing much, much more about Theodore Crosby's breakthrough creative accomplishments.

Theodore Crosby is available for interview, by appointment, subject to availability.

Steve Thompson

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